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05 March 2008 @ 11:13 pm
Movie meme thing I stole from gcnostybronco. Harder than I thought to choose 15 movies, like way too many. I wanna see who picks em.

1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

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27 January 2008 @ 12:33 am
Had dad's side over for bbq lunch and pizza dinner with mucho liquor mixed in, and nan saying many many things with double meanings which just happen to be dirty. I don't ever really feel that patriotic that often, I only ever do when Oz is playing NZ in netball, then I get violent, otherwise, meh. But I tried, got me a tattoo of the flag on my arm and we watched shitloads of movies with diff Aussies in them. Priscilla is still the best Australian movie ever made, nothing beats it. Watched that after they finished watching the tennis/cricket, boring crap. Then watched V for Vendetta coz of Hugo Weaving and the whole blowing up England coz the convicts in us support V. Also watched XMen (refused to watch Kate & Leopold, ashamed I own it) and 300 before the Heath Ledger movies started and I left the room, decided I don't think I can watch a Heath Ledger movie yet, me and Lou watched some good old Grey's and I watched Vivienne Vyle when they left, Helena and her Spanish talking baby, and Miriam lol. VV is gooooood don't get why people hate it and love J&J, stupid.

Saw Sweeney Todd with Daisy on Thursday after watching Corspe Bride and before watching Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. Hell yeah. Johnny's voice is awesome, Helena Bonham Carter's too. Funny how you could totally sort out the people watching it into categories. There for Johnny, there for Sasha Baron Cohen, etc. Way better than the other film adaptation I tried to watch ages ago that was boring as hell, Burton owns it. Why Mrs Lovett needs to call him Mr T...seriously. Sure it needs to rhyme in the songs but in the dialogue? Just makes it freakin funny. I don't get how people can think it's too gory, esp with that Sleepy Hollow type of blood. Def going again, gonna take mum, she likes Johnny Depp, and musicals.

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23 January 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Seems so surreal.
21 January 2008 @ 11:53 pm
I love how when I drive the idiots take to the streets. Witnessed a collision at the bottom of my street, almost hit an idiot pedestrian, and for some reason animals love to take to the roads when I get close. Awesome. Still have a shitload of hours to go, hate it, stupid idiots who have to go and be asshats. I drove around Mt Panorama on the way to Dubbo, was pretty cool although I was in a Ford and drove as slow as an old granny behind the wheel. The drive to Dubbo was alright, drive back was pretty much hell. First day there we just settled in and did grocery shopping, then the next day went to Western Plains Zoo for half the day and Old Dubbo Gaol in the afternoon. I'm still scared shitless of the dummies, always have been, esp. at the War Memorial, they make me wanna cry. Then the next day we went to the zoo again, saw some stuff that we missed the first time, and that was about it. Photos to come if I get around to it.

Finally watched some of End of an Era, just skipped through my fav songs. Before that my opinions on the whole firing were starting to lean towards the guys, just because of the way they've been endlessly promoting her album as the voice of Finland and going on and on and on and when you're constantly getting emails with all this pompous bullshit, makes you wonder whether at least some of the stuff they said was true. And then watching it, the last concert where the guys knew they were firing her, set up the camera so they could film it and make big bucks from it, all the time she has no idea and Tuomas has a smug look on his face, what a freakin asshole! But damn they were good live, I wish they had of booked the Enmore instead of the Metro back in 2005, then it wouldn't have been 18+ and I could've gone. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. Tarja's dancing and head banging attempts....sooooo doesn't fit, should've stuck to her opera and let the boys stick with the metal.

Haven't done much since we got home. Bummed around, the usual. Caught up on the tv I missed. Was right about the Ice Truck Killer, go me. Still don't get how Deb hasn't figured out about Dexter, really. Thick much? Sweeney soon.
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15 January 2008 @ 12:39 am
Just watched Sleepy Hollow, felt like it after reading it, didn't like the story so much. Too much landscape not enough characters, and not cool inferring that the headless horseman never existed anymore. Read V for Vendetta too, and halfway through Eldest. Haven't been doing much, saw Golden Compass with Daisy, took Jayden to see Alvin & The Chipmunks, random shopping, shopping at Newtown today with Daisy (Horror Duck!!!!!!) and found Daria on dvd, on Is it Fall Yet? and Is it College Yet? but mannnnnnnn I wish I bought at least one of them.

Last ep of Weeds! Knew that was coming, Agent Wonderbread is no more. Hope they play S3 almost straight away, need my Weeds fix. Going to Dubbo tomorrow....blah. I wanna see the zoo, I love zoos, I love me some animals, but whoever invented 'family vacation' and decided that the whole concept would be fun was an asshole. Don't know how I'll survive the 4+ hr drive and 4 days in a small cabin with the fam but we'll see. Trusty mp3 player will save me in the end.

Johnny Depp won Best Actor and Sweeney Todd won Best Motion Picture (musical/comedy), and Extras, and Tina Fey, good stuff. Tim Burton should've won too, and Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth. Sweeney Todd v soon...can't f'ing wait. Not fair that we had to wait.
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02 January 2008 @ 01:01 am
Family overdose. Haven't had a break since the day before Christmas Eve, it's been constantly going to someone's place or them coming here. It's not gonna stop anytime soon either, blah.

Happy New Years, hope everyone had a good Christmas and got nice and drunk for NYE. Thinking about 2008's got me pretty freaked out, mostly the whole turning 21 thing, really really gonna be on the downhill from then on. And being in 3rd year, only another year after this and then it's done, scary thought.

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16 December 2007 @ 12:20 am
This commercial is awesome...

Movie night at Daisy's last night, good stuff. Saw Planet Terror, it was alright, nothing as awesome as Death Proof but still not as shit as I thought it'd be. Watched all of Vivienne Vyle today, good shit. Helena and Miriam are freakin funny, mostly Helena though, "Is ecstasy good for a baby?" Why Israel got that show and we never did....wtf....Started watching my Count Duckula dvds, thanks Daisy! Love him, love the intro. Brings back the memories, and Jay loves it too. Latest Dexter was gooood, although how his sister doesn't notice it, seriously, she's in homicide. Grow a brain Emily Rose!

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Lastly, the day Judy Garland died a tornado hit Kansas. Freaky.
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14 December 2007 @ 04:36 pm
Feeling v anti-Christmas, nothing new though. Just hate all the people and all the crap that comes with it. I'm not bothered to send out cards, probably too late to anyway. Might make icons instead, anyone want an icon gift? Might be crap. But it's me putting some kind of effort in. Also, Christmas-y icon. I'm trying, see.

Soon I'm not gonna go out shopping, it's already getting crazy in the shops. All the yobbo's were out today too. "That's not a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine". Nasal bastards. Only good thing is I got my Fuck off Green nail polish. Sweet. Also got some Puck you Pink, to go with my Piss off Purple. Don't know why I'm so into nail polish all of a sudden, or why it has to be fluor-ish colours. Think it's the whole 6-7 months of the year when I can't have nails thanks to netball. Not so sure why the fluro, I pretty much hate everything else fluro. Should've died and stayed dead many years ago.

D/ling stuff ready for Jayden to make his cd, wants to sing stuff for mum and dad for Christmas. He did it before, last year or the year before, can't remember. But if I have to hear this f'ing gummy bear song again....argggghhhhhhhh!!!!!
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13 December 2007 @ 05:41 pm
Last night had the first dream I've remembered in ages, don't know why I can't remember them like I used to, brain must be fried. One part I'm not even sure if it was a dream or if I was awake or hallucinating coz it was pretty damn real to me. I woke up and I had blood on my hands, only thing is it was almost pitch black, but I could still see it, and I rolled over and touched the railing on my bed and made it dark red. Then I flipped out a bit before convincing myself it wasn't real. Sure as shit felt like I was awake. The part I know was a dream was in some shopping centre where we were camping in Darwin, it had bunk beds and shit along one wall, shops along the other, and a ballroom right at the other end. Why? I don't know. There was a movie premiere going on in the ballroom and we were all invited, but I couldn't find my shoes. They had a strict shoe policy so I couldn't go, and sat in the food court feeling sorry for myself, then all the guests for the premiere started going past and it was pretty much the whole Grey's cast plus a few others, and fuck were they messed up. And that's about it.

Really not a fan of Adam for getting me into this song however many years ago, coz just can't get it out of my freakin head. Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco Bell. Fire in the disco! Fire in the gates of hell.
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Fab Five Freddie....I would've shitted myself laughing also. Who could blame you, really?

New layout, decided V's kinda almost 2 years old, time to move on. Couple of new icons too. Think I might cave and switch to Plus so I can get a mood theme. Bring on the Todd. Tim Burton's making version of Alice in Wonderland....hell yeah. Can't wait to see what the Mad Hatter's like. Gonna do a feature length Frankenweenie too, the short one's sad enough, makes me cry twice, what the hell's a full length gonna do to me? Think it should be live action instead of animated, but still, v cool.

Brand New are back in January, really want to go this time. Also in the sense that, despite my money issues, would buy 2 tix for so I could go and make someone go with me. It's at the Enmore too so that'd be sweet. Amanda Palmer's still not sold out, 2 for 1 pleeeeeeeeeeease. Doubt it but I can always hope.

Friday had netball presentation, same boredom and ass kissing of the talented people as usual. Was v scared at first coz I was there on my own, but they started showing up and all was well...or as well as it could be, with little kids dancing in the new uniforms and guys breakdancing. Fucking idiots. I don't know why they make anyone over the age of 10 go, really, it's just plain mean. Totally degrading having to get on stage twice, argh. But I was alone, first time, me Ez and Chris got our 10 years, second time it was all of us for our kick-assery (which earned us $50 each, weeee). James got her 20 years, which entitled her, and us, to free alcohol.

I was a good girl, limited myself to 4 coz of my doped up state of mind coz of my post vaccination fever. But they all got nice and smashed, provided the entertainment and that's always nice. But we were represssed!!! James tried to make an acceptance speech for us all but her aunty stood in her way coz she knew what she was in for. Bitch. It would've been an awesome acceptance speech, slurring and all. Then there was a small scene on stage with a mini hissy fit, and Dan almost fell down the stairs but fell onto me instead, almost making me fall down the stairs but we made it. Decided I'll go back, most of us are so why the hell not.

Saw Elizabeth 2 on Sunday with Daisy. Wasn't so bad, thought I'd be bored. Brought back Extension History memories, thought I'd erased all that shit. I remember all of the image type shit, like the horse. Hands down though, the bitch fight/Beast moment was freakin hilarious.

Weeds...Peter...what an asshole. I do feel jipped though, Sober the Sasquatch??? They've turned the mighty sasquatch against the mighty vodka, amongst other things? Shameful. But also cool for a sasquatch in it at all. First ep of 30 Rock was on, don't know how I'm feelin about it, but it is Tina Fey, so it should be good. Just needs to be longer than 30 mins, Weeds too.

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